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  • Stratford Blue Toile Teapot

    Stratford Blue Toile Teapot


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    June 26, 2013
    I ordered this teapot because it has a medium capacity, and I liked the vintage look. Unfortunately, the top opening was too small; it was unable to accommodate any infuser large enough to match its own capacity. The only infuser I had that would fit into the pot was a single-teaspoon size, and for the 28 oz. or so that I was hoping to steep, it would have been very weak tea indeed. (I suppose it would work for some Asian teas, but the design of the pot really didn't suggest that type of experience.) I did not see any infusers on the website that would have worked on this teapot.
    I exchanged the pot for another; I called customer service and they were happy to measure the opening on the new teapot so that I would not run into the same problem again.

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