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  • Clear 9-Cell Tea Chest

    Clear 9-Cell Tea Chest


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    5 stars
    Guest Friendly Tea Chest
    September 29, 2013
    I bought the Clear 9-Cell Tea Chest because it is a convenient size, durable and holds 90 tea bags. I keep my favorite teas in it for myself. It's handier than pulling out various boxes from my cabinet to make my selection. It's also convenient for my guests. I can remove the lid and make it more inviting and easy to access. I had been using a wooden tea chest but it is large and seemed "snooty" for a cup of tea in the afternoon with a friend or with friends after a casual dinner. I'm going to buy a 2nd one specifically to separate the decaf teas for those guests that prefer that. I put a different tea in each compartment so there are 9 choices per chest. The chest does not take up a lot of space on counter, in my cabinet or on table. Nice way to keep an assortment handy. My only complaint is the price. I feel it is very pricey for an acrylic box but give it 5 stars for durability and convenience.

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