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  • Stackable Stainless Canister

    Stackable Stainless Canister


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    5 stars
    Beautiful Tea Tins
    February 19, 2012
    These are the most beautiful tea tins available. I started with a dozen of them five years ago, when they were $6 each. A couple years later I bought another dozen at $8 each. This second batch had some QC issues, but Stash Tea sorted that out for me. Now they're selling for $8.50 each. The tins work - i.e. they do keep loose teas fresh. So even with the higher pricing, I'd buy more of these canisters from Stash Tea if I needed to.

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  • Owl Tea Set

    Owl Tea Set


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    4 stars
    February 19, 2012
    This little owl is definitely my most adorable teapot. I use it with loose leaf teas that perform well with multiple brews of short duration. Serving the whole potful of tea stops the brewing, and then the setup can be used for another infusion or two. It brews enough tea for only one or two people at a time, so I must use my other teapots when three or more people would like to have tea. But for tea for one/two, it is my best and preferred teapot. The set gets 4 stars instead of 5 because I did not find the matching tea cups to be very functional. They get much too hot to hold and by the time I can hold them, the tea is colder than I'd prefer to drink it. Instead, I use the cups on my kitchen counter, as cute holders for wooden utensils and implements.

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