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  • Bodum Cafe Mug

    Bodum Cafe Mug


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    4 stars
    Very nice mug. Thick and durable, but no lid or infuser.
    February 13, 2013
    It is top quality, like most Bodum stuff. Good for serving when you just want a full size mug of tea with no messing around with saucers and stuff. It would be better though, if they offered it with a matching infuser and lid for an extra $10 or something.

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  • Brown Betty 6-Cup Teapot

    Brown Betty 6-Cup Teapot


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    5 stars
    My favorite full size teapot
    February 13, 2013
    Stash seems to have recycled the pic from the small size Brown Betty here. I can tell because the 6 cup model has a bigger handle; room for all four fingers.

    The opening in the top is big enough for the full size SwissGold infuser, which is quite nice to use; lots of rooms for the leaves to unfurl.

    It pours great, has a deep rich brown color, and a nice glossy glaze. I liked mine so much that when my wife broke the lid, I epoxied it back together. Mom finally made me throw it out, and now I have a beehive-looking Bodum one from here that has the squared off opening in the top, and won't accept my big, round SwissGold infuser. :( I can't get another Betty, because I already have two other big teapots, and there just isn't room.

    They just need to get their act together and make teacups to go along with it. Maybe the same brown and glaze on the outside, and a cream color on the inside, in a British style?

    If I could only have one teapot, this would be it.

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  • Brown Betty 2-Cup Teapot

    Brown Betty 2-Cup Teapot


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    4 stars
    Nearly perfect
    February 13, 2013
    The glaze is a deep, rich brown, and very glossy. The handle only has room for two small man fingers, but is shaped so that it can be supported underneath with the other two fingers. The hole in the top is quite big, compared to the size of the top, which means that most infusers will fit. I use a plastic Bodum one that came with the Bodum mug/infuser set.

    I only took off a star because it drips a drop or two when you stop pouring. If this is such an old and famous design, they should have figured out how to beat this problem by now. (the Japanese pots, with their sharp spouts don't seem to drip at all; too bad they're so darned heavy!)

    Once you get the right pouring technique, this is not really a problem. Pour the cup, and instead of stopping pouring abruptly, lightly drag the bottom of the spout on the edge of the cup, which catches that lone drop that would otherwise run down.

    I like that it is classy, but not too loud or flamboyant. Perfect for an everyday teapot.

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