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  • Clear Glass Stash Logo Travel Mug

    Clear Glass Stash Logo Travel Mug


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    Caution Hot Water
    December 12, 2012
    Purchased this travel mug several months back, it replaced a plastic one I found in China three years ago.

    It's nice looking, but the cover is difficult to align with the threads and a good seal requires significant torque. It often leaks, frustrating.

    The tea sits on the top therefore best to fill water before adding loose tea, or the expanding tea will cause the water to back up. Another Be Careful it's Hot.

    Be extremely careful when removing the top. Hot water will get yah - Ouch!

    When making a short tea, turning the unit on its top is necessary. The top, however, is contoured therefore it is unstable on the surface it's sitting - Oh and it often leaks.

    Why not have the tea basket threaded to the bottom?

    Nice looking but mechanically unsound - Tea engineering 101 :)

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