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  • Clear Glass Stash Logo Travel Mug

    Clear Glass Stash Logo Travel Mug


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    5 stars
    Better than good
    February 14, 2012
    Needs 6 or more stars. Last thing first: it's beautiful and even more so when light shines through the tea (ok, corny but just look at it sometime). Keeps the tea hot much longer than a mug (can read the whole paper and have a nosh and it's still nice and hot) and so easy to carry out and about.

    Loose or bag teas work great. Sturdier than it looks, I've banged it on the desk a couple times and it's in perfect shape still.

    I happily recommend it to anyone who loves to take their tea with them to the office or even a long drive on a cold morning.

    Oh yeah, it's a good conversation starter too....where'd you get it.......what's Stash?........keep your tea hot?.......tea?what's wrong with coffee?

    Tea's ready now so must go have a sip.

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