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  • Mellow Moments Herbal Tea

    Mellow Moments Herbal Tea


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    1 stars
    Tastes Like a Soggy Piece of Gum
    March 5, 2012
    I'm really not fond of this tea. It smells like a piece of spearmint gum (my 3-year old calls it "gum tea") and when it's steeped, it tastes like a soggy piece of gum wrapped in wet flowers. The chamomile and the spearmint do not work well together. The spearmint overpowers the other flavors and doesn't even seem mixed with them it's so strong. If your favorite flavor on earth is spearmint, you'll love this. For me, it puts a bad taste in my mouth before bedtime.

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  • Keep Calm and Carry On Thermos

    Keep Calm and Carry On Thermos


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    4 stars
    Decent Thermos with a Pleasant Message
    March 5, 2012
    Although my first one warped within two months of receiving it, Stash promptly replaced it, hassle-free. I wanted a replacement rather than exchange because my husband and I had grown fond of it. The lip on the cup occasionally causes a spill but if you sip slowly and meaningful (as one should sip tea), it's not a problem. It adequately keeps the tea warm for long periods and the stopper works well. It does what it promises.

    The true beauty of this thermos is its simple message, which encapsulates everything that tea is to me: Tea helps me keep calm; tea helps me carry on. Just seeing the stark white motto on the black surface and the clean, crisp design helps clear my head.

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  • YMY 1690 Genmai Green Tea

    YMY 1690 Genmai Green Tea


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    5 stars
    Perfectly complementary pair
    February 18, 2012
    I love this tea! I'm a fan of brown rice, anyway, so having the nutty and toasted flavor of brown rice in this tea was a pleasant and welcome experience. I do not in any way like green tea, so this was originally purchased for my husband, who didn't care for it. This is the only "green" tea I'll drink. It's not flowery, it's not grassy, and it doesn't taste like perfume; it is a tea with subtle, nutty flavor. You'll just have to appreciate its simplicity in origin and complexity in taste to get out of this tea everything it brings to you.

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