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  • Boardroom Thermos Mug

    Boardroom Thermos Mug


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    3 stars
    Not really a thermos
    January 30, 2012
    This should be called travel mug only. It is very attractive and professional looking. But, if you are expecting to have your "hot" beverage still hot in 90 minutes, you will be disappointed. I consider a "thermos" to remain room temperature on the outside of the container and hot or cold on the inside. You should not be able to determine the temperature of the contents by feeling the surface of the exterior. If you put hot liquid into this "thermos" you could burn yourself on the upper exposed metal. There is no vacuum or insulation to prevent conductivity of cold or hot.
    It is, however, truly leak proof and that is a big plus for me, but I will have to look else where for something that is more like my insulated Camelbak container. Unfortunately that product is for cold beverages only.

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