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  • Premium Green Tea

    Premium Green Tea

    $1.25 - $125.00

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    1 stars
    SO disgusting!
    March 13, 2014
    this tea is SO disgusting that when I first tried it last night, I wanted to throw up in my cup. I finished drinking the cup I made, all except for the very last sip or two, which I just poured out in the sink because it was sooo gross!
    now, I really enjoy green tea, in fact, I love it, so I wanted a good brand of green tea. this is a good brand for tea, just not a good green tea.
    this tea, didn't taste like green tea, in any way, whatsoever. I can't believe all of the good reviews about it; even the smell is gross.
    I mean, I don't know, perhaps something went wrong, and I accidentally left the tea bag in my cup too long, although I only left it in for 3mins, 4, at the most. it's disappointing because I have 19 bags, and they're going to go to waste.

    PS- I've never noticed any bitterness in any green tea I've ever had, though.

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  • Chai Spice Black Tea

    Chai Spice Black Tea


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    5 stars
    Stash Chai Spice
    March 12, 2014
    I love this tea, and in many, many ways. the first time I ever had this was at crazy mocha & I got a chai latte, and Stash's Chai Spice was the tea used, so I just had to have it at home. I must also say that, before I tried this, I was an avid Twinings drinker, however, I like Stash's Chai Spice over Twinings'.
    so, how I make my chai latte at home is pretty much the same as at crazy mocha; I just use:
    1. Stash Chai Spice
    2. 2 shots of espresso
    3. 1tbsp. of splenda and
    4. 1-2tbsps. of either heavy cream, almond milk or half & half.
    it's also delicious by itself or just w/ cream.

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