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  • YMY 1690 China Oolong Tea

    YMY 1690 China Oolong Tea


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    5 stars
    Very good Oolong.
    February 4, 2013
    This is the best by far Oolong I have ever tried.

    Yamamotoyama really lives up to their reputation with this one, glad to see Stash carries it.

    It has a very smooth flavor, very consistent, just a slight hint of subtle caramel and nut, but not too much to be overpowering or get annoying after many cups.
    Very, very subtle flavor, just enough to give it a smooth "wow" factor, but not too much where it would come close to being a flavored tea.

    This tea truly is perfect, works well in the morning as a replacement for English breakfast, if you're wanting something a little milder, but still gently waking, is a nice evening tea, calming and sweet to the senses, very, very nice tea.

    I have never found a Oolong tea so consistently nice as this Oolong.

    And that's including many very expensive varieties of more rare and "higher quality" Oolong.

    This value is a steal for seven bucks.

    What a great value, and the price is perfect.

    Friendly, and all around warm.

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