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  • Double Spice Chai Black Tea

    Double Spice Chai Black Tea


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    5 stars
    Full Flavor Heaven
    December 6, 2012
    I decided to 'give up' coffee (it was upsetting my stomach) but I didn't want the caffeine headache that comes when going 'cold turkey' so I found this Spiced Chai Tea -- I'm IN LOVE! Granted, I drank a lot of coffee, (by a lot I mean in the neighborhood of 2 pots a day) - now I can get about 2 full 20oz cups of tea per bag! I wonder if they do or could make this for a Keurig? (But I know I'd have to hide the box if they did!) This is an excellent alternative to coffee. Smells great, tastes great, and has enough caffeine that you won't get a 'giving up coffee' headache! Thanks! Great find!

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