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  • White Christmas White Tea

    White Christmas White Tea

    5 stars
    Best Tea EVER!!!
    October 21, 2011
    OMG! I can't say enough about this wonderful and relaxing, yet invigorating tea! My co-worker turned me on to it during the holiday season a year ago and I haven't looked back. No other holiday tea I've tried could compare. The minty aroma hits you right away but then there's this subtle aroma and flavor of ginger that surprises you. I drink it first thing in the am at work and it just starts my day right. It's also perfect for relaxing at home in front of a cozy fire watching the chilly wind whip outside your window. When I found it at my local supermarket I bought every single box and the ones I didn't buy I hid for my co-worker to buy later on. It never occured to me to find it on-line but now that I's gonna be White Christmas year round baby!!! *jingle bells ringing*

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