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  • 18 ct Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal Tea

    18 ct Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal Tea


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    4 stars
    A Subtle But Rewarding Cup of Tea
    February 14, 2012
    This is a lovely, subtle blend of ingredients; if you're seeking strong flavors, this may not be the one for you. But if you want a cup of tea that's mellow, with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, then this is just the ticket. This is one blend that definitely benefits from pre-heating the cup before you are ready to add the boiling water and tea; it really does need the heated cup/mug to bring out the delicate essences. It's best enjoyed on its own, or with similarly subtly flavored dessert items. But properly prepared, it's very nice, indeed.

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  • Crepe Faire Herbal Tea

    Crepe Faire Herbal Tea


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    5 stars
    One of Stash's Absolute Best!
    January 17, 2012
    It's a mystery to me why this isn't one of Stash's top-selling herbal blends. If I had to sum it up in one word: elegant. It has a wonderful mix of flavorful ingredients, and the result is a tea that offers hints of many wonderful essences as you sip it, without any one flavor overwhelming the others. It's a perfect after-dinner tea: refreshing and mellow at the same time, with just a slight hint of fruit to it. If you want to impress someone the next time you're serving an herbal tea, whether hot or iced, you really should be serving Crepe Faire. True, Stash mysteriously only makes it available in loose tea format, but it's well worth the little bit of extra effort to brew. Treat yourself. Sit back with a big mug of this tea, savor it, and let the rest of the world go by for a few minutes. Like me, you'll be wishing they sold it in larger packages!

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  • Wintermint Herbal Tea

    Wintermint Herbal Tea


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    3 stars
    The original recipe was much better
    December 22, 2011
    When Stash first produced Wintermint, the ingredients included cardamom, and it was my all-time favorite tea. After a couple of years, they removed the cardamom. It's still a nice, refreshing cup of tea that any mint lover will enjoy. But without the cardamom, the flavor isn't as rich or unique as it used to be. If they ever restore the cardamom, it'll be a 5 star tea again.

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