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  • Christmas Eve Herbal Tea

    Christmas Eve Herbal Tea


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    5 stars
    Not just for Christmas
    February 14, 2014
    Last year a customer gave a Christmas Basket to our office with baked goods, etc. By January, everything was eaten except this box of Stash Christmas Eve Tea. It sat lonely and ignored for a long time. Finally, I took the tea home. I have never been a tea-drinker and I never have any tea in the house for guests so I figured since it was free.... Then I tried it! Oh Man! I loved it immediately. It is light but still full bodied. I love the mint. That is all I can taste but I am sure the other wonderful ingredients are what makes it smooth and unique. There is nothing Christmas-y about it. Just pure relaxing, delicious tea. It has made me into a tea-drinker. I also appreciate that it is caffeine free and 100% natural.

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