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  • Peach Black Tea

    Peach Black Tea


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    I'm a peach tea snob
    August 18, 2014
    I'm a tea drinker exclusively; I don't drink coffee - never have, never will. But I'm not just any kind of tea drinker, I drink only peach tea, and I only drink Stash peach tea. I've tried all the other brands and that includes multiple times trying all the other brands. Because I don't drink other kinds of tea unless I absolutely have no choice at all, I pride myself in knowing the best peach tea flavor there is. I don't care for herbal peach teas very much, so they are a very distant second choice. I like caffeinated tea, and I like French Vanilla creamer in my peach tea. I love cream in my tea and have since I went to England for the first time. So, my peach tea must to be fully blended with rich flavors, and match smoothly with an appropriate French vanilla topping. I find that only with Stash tea. When I order from Stash, my normal order is hundreds of tea bags boxed perfectly by Stash Tea. I am totally satisfied with Stash Tea and plan to drink it forever. It's the best

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