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  • Large Chantal Infuser Teapot

    Large Chantal Infuser Teapot


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    5 stars
    Well made teapot for daily use
    December 26, 2014
    We drink a lot of tea in the morning. The size is perfect for our mugs of tea. The infuser fits nicely and you can easily replace the lid after filling with the infuser still in place. The lid also locks in place well and there is no problem taking the lid off when needed. The spout pours very well. With my arthritic fingers, I can easily remove the tea infuser, because of the handle for it, and replace the lid without burning my fingers. I'm very happy with the pot. It is now our number one teapot of choice.

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  • Celtic Teapot

    Celtic Teapot


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    5 stars
    Great Teapot With A Blend Of Form and Function
    April 11, 2014
    I enjoy collecting teapots. Some are nice to look at but they're poorly designed with drips at the spout or lids that easily fall off when pouring, openings to narrow to clean or fit a tea infuser. But not the Celtic teapot.

    First, the look is smart, the colors are pleasant and the design is kept throughout the piece in a pleasant, well done manner, repeating on the lid, handle and base. The handle is easy to hold and pour with a base sturdy and wide making it impossible to tip over. The pot's opening allows the lid to lock-in preventing it coming off while pouring, and the spout cuts the pour without a drop spilled. It also holds a large amount of tea, and with its squat design, keeps the tea hot when placed on a tea warmer.

    I'm using the teapot for daily use. Especially now that mornings in the garden are so pleasant with tea and daily paper.

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  • Dunsandle Estate India Black Tea

    Dunsandle Estate India Black Tea


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    5 stars
    Quality tea at a reasonable price
    December 1, 2013
    I drink tea by the mug going through a few pots of brew a day. I had a love affair with expensive Darjeelings finding them excellent but pricy and tried other teas on whim. This tea is perfect. Like the description, it has the qualities of both a fine Darjeeling and a good Assam only lighter. Goes well too by itself, no need of milk or sugar, with no astringent aftertaste. Almost as if the tea is a blend, there are layered notes. I brew the tea a tad more than three minutes and it stays up well sitting on a warmer until I'm ready to brew another pot.

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