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  • Jamaican Butter Rum Black Tea

    Jamaican Butter Rum Black Tea

    2 stars
    Save it for Coffee
    February 20, 2014
    How can I describe this tea...... If Captain Morgan used a sweaty sock to brew his tea.

    No.. but close...:)

    Ok seriously this tea is not for me. I enjoy herbal flavored teas and some black tea with natural spices. This had too much of an artificial flavor. It does not pair well with tea in my opinion. You can put this on any type of tea and it will all taste the same. It masks the tea taste.

    This type of flavor is best suited for coffees

    If you dare to try.... I would recommend starting with the smallest amount before you commit long term.

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  • Price

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    5 stars
    Best English Breakfast Tea (Bag review)
    January 4, 2014
    Sorry, I am not British but I have tried many teas. I have been picking this up at a local grocery for some time and have not found anything better. This is the smoothest tea around and it works well for breakfast or anytime really. I just ordered the loose leaf and I will review that after it arrives.

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