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  • Just Ducky Floating Infuser

    Just Ducky Floating Infuser


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    4 stars
    Adorable and mostly practical
    February 14, 2012
    This is very likely the most adorable infuser ever created. It really does float upright in the cup while infusing the tea -- which is more than I can say for many actual rubber duckies I've owned. The included drip cup is very convenient and keeps the countertop clean.

    The problem is there is very little room in the basket for tea while still leaving room for leaf expansion. There is only room for about 1 tsp of leaves, which is fine if you use small teacups. However, I typically use a much larger mug and double the leaves per steeping. While 2 tsp of leaves will fit, there is no room for expansion.

    Regardless, this ducky is so cute that I overlook the small basket on occasion and have a smaller or weaker cup of tea.

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