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  • 30 g Japanese Matcha Powdered Green Tea

    30 g Japanese Matcha Powdered Green Tea


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    Great Value, Great Quality
    December 28, 2013
    I recently received Stash Matcha as a holiday gift. This matcha comes sealed tightly in a pull tab can, and then inside a sealed foil pouch, to ensure the highest quality and freshness possible (it also includes one of those little anti-humidity packets). When opened, its smell is reminiscent of buttery spring grass, intoxicatingly fresh and green. The color is bright green, as it should be.

    I have purchased matcha before from Japanese companies (main offices in Japan, sold in their stores here). The quality of Stash's matcha is comparable to theirs. I was so happily surprised by this, as matcha tends to be pricey, and Stash sells it for about half the price. Also, as mentioned by another reviewer, the expiry date is short, but this is to keep the integrity of the product intact as much as possible. Matcha is not meant to be kept long, or it loses its unique flavor as air oxidizes it.

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